1. Nice to meet you! – To rent with us you need a valid ID.
  2. Don’t worry! – Ski sticks are included if you rent a pair of skis with us.
  3. Cash and carry. – Remember to always pay the rental fee before you enjoy the slopes.
  4. Take it easy! – We offer you free storage for all our ski and snowboard rentals.
  5. Got it? – Pick up your voucher for free storage at the counter (Kassa).
  6. Stay save! – We take your safety very seriously. All our rental equipment is save by the standards of ISO-Norm 11088 and all bindings go through a state of the art electronic pre-season check. However we can not take away every risk on the mountain and do not cover any accidents. In case of an injury you can get a partial refund bonus from the moment you returned your material, if you present us a statement from a local doctor.
  7. Take care. – we don’t provide insurance for lost or damaged rental equipment. You are responsible to report any loss to the local authorities (Carabinieri). In case of theft or complete damage the cost of the equipment will be charged on the renter at the wholesale price of the lessor, reconsidering the eventual current valuation due to the usury and to the time. In case of damage of the rented equipment due to negligence or intentional damage or partial damage, the cost for repair will be charged to the renter
Fair play – you are not allowed to share rented equipment with others.
  9. Early bird! – All rentals after 4pm will only be charged for the following days and any drop of before 10 AM saves the day too.
  10. Find your perfect match – Try different ski or board models . First change is free, for every additional change we charge a 7 € service fee.
  11. Good stuff! – With signing the rental agreement you accept our terms and conditions and confirm the good shape of all received equipment.
  12. The exact Terms and conditions for the online booking you can find here: https://www.skisalon.it/en/booking/