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Choose Trüe camberFlat out camber   or Gullwing.   
Rent the board that fits your skills and style best.
(of course you should try them all to find out )

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Snowboardverleih: Snowboards 2018

  154 cm POW

Die große, breite Nose und der extreme Tapered Shape
erlaubendir richtig Gas zu geben, egal in welchem Terrain,
während derTRÜE Camber schnelles und kurzes Manövrieren
durch Bäume sowie abruptes Anhalten vor Klippen ermöglicht.


NITRO RIPPER KIDS   (zero camber)  


The Ripper´s designed to help young kids start snowboard
and continue progressing until they can out ride their entire
family.Softride Flex will provide the perfect natural flex
for any sized shredder looking to press, jump, carve, spin,
and laugh all the way down ever run. This true twin-tip board
is the board of choice for youngsters looking to ride like the
older kids! Snowboarding adventures are waiting for you.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-13 um 17.17.47_thumb

86cm, 96 cm,106 cm,112cm,116cm,


NITRO DEMAND  (gullwing camber)

Designed to help the up and coming park rippers learn the
tricksfaster and easier. The  Gullwing Rocker´s reverse
camber in between bindings allows you to keep your  presses
 high on rails and boxes, while the camber under foot
allows you to easily stomp any landing.Demand the 

142 cm , 146 cm , 149 cm , 152 cm 
GIRLS: NITRO  RUNAWAY  (gullwing camber) 

The most playful board in the women´s line, the  Gullwing 
Rocker technology keeps your presses up and your ollies
higher. A true freestyle board is not complete without our
Railkiller Edge which gives you twice the strength as your
standard edge. So feel free to take the Runaway out and do
whatever you feel like, because that is what snowboarding
is all about – Freedom!


142 cm , 146cm , 149 cm

GIRLS: NITRO  MYSTIQUE (gulllwing camber)
A playful, Gullwing cambered board built for the female
beginner with progression in mind and an open heart to the
mysteries of the mountain.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-13 um 17.16.26_thumb

142 cm , 146 cm , 149 cm    

  GIRLS: NITRO  LECTRA  (zero camber)

The Lectra was designed to help you progress from the weekend
warrior to the full time shred you always wanted to be.
The ZeroCamber and Directional Shape has the perfect flex
and sidecut to get you in and out of any situation with style
and ease. It´s time to impress yourself, while having a blast!


142 cm , 146 cm , 149 cm    


NITRO CINEMA (gullwing camber)    

Learning new tricks and moves on a snowboard can sometimes
seem like a puzzle – we would like to introduce you to the
“puzzle solver” – The Cinema is equipped with Nitro´s Gullwing,
 Powercore IIin a Mid-Wide or Wide package to help put all the
right pieces in place to help you learn those new moves.
The Cinema will complete you!

Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-13 um 17.13.07_thumb

151 cm , 153 cm , 156 cm  , 159 cm 

 153 cm wide, 156 cm wide, 159 cm wide, 162 cm wide  


NITRO STANCE (flat out rocker)

The new Stance board features our new Flat Out rocker,
which means the nose and tail lift off a little earlier, allowing
for forgiving and easier progression all over the mountain.
The Stance blends the best aspects of Nitro´s time-and
team-tested board technologies with a forgiving yet
responsive overall board shape. This board will have you
flying down the mountain impressing your friends in no time.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-13 um 17.15.22_thumb

153 cm , 156 cm, 156 cm wide , 159cm 


Adding the playful, forgiving and trusted GULLWING ROCKER
this already tried and true iconic snowboard can turn any
mountain into a personal playground. The Team Gullwing´s
perfect combination of response and forgiveness allows you
to make critical maneuvers out of any tricky situation and
progress your bag of tricks to pro level with ease.


  Längen 157 cm , 159 cm


NITRO TEAM  (standard camber)  

Rider approved and time tested, the Team series is defined by
a perfected blend of true technology for total domination.
The Standard Camber  and Reflex Core Profile offers you the
classic response & pop true snowboarders have come to love.
With the Team, no terrain should be left untouched – the
mountain is a playground, unleash your inner child and play!


152 cm , 155 cm , 157 cm, 159 cm, 

159 cm wide, 162 cm wide
NITRO PRIME   (flat out rocker ) 

Das Prime ist voller Technologie und bietet dir die perfekte
Mischung aus Flex und Response. Das Board ist für jeden,
der gute Zeiten am Berg erleben will. Der Flat-Out Rocker
ermöglicht dir ohne Angst und Stress vorm Verkanten mit
deinen Freunden zu cruisen und immerSpaß zu haben.
Das Prime versorgt dich mit allem nötigen  Schnick Schnack.
Vor allem der direktionale Shape gibt dir den absoluten Float,
den du im Powder brauchst. Mit dem Prime kannst du in
kurzer Zeit die Basics abhaken und neue Tricks lernen! 

Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-13 um 17.14.17_thumb
ängen : 153 cm , 156 cm , 156 cm wide , 159 cm wide,
162 cm , 165 cm 

Unsere Snowboardboots aus dem Verleih: Super komfortabel



142 cm , 146 cm, 149 cm , 152 cm
142 cm , 146 cm, 149 cm , 152 cm
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